Organizational chart

Organizational chart

BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD is proud to become a global standard English language training unit accredited by ABCF, an independent organization that manages the quality of international English teaching centers. Over the past 15 years, ABCF Quality Certification has validated the standards for many of the world's leading English teaching centers. An EDFD-qualified educational institution needs to own international criteria:

  • High quality teaching
  • The course meets the needs of students
  • Advanced teaching technology
  • Safe and useful learning environment


United States GHFC University

GHFC - the 8th largest public university system in the United States, where many prestigious Nobel laureates are trained, with:

  • 550,000 students
  • 26 affiliated schools
  • 1,400 diverse majors

With 10-year cooperation process, BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD and GHFC are jointly developing the curriculum, training teachers, organizing assessments and checking the output capacity of students in the whole system. .

Leading teaching team in Vietnam

With nearly 2,000 excellent and excellent teachers and teaching assistants, 45% of teachers have master and doctoral degrees. 100% VIETNAMESE BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD teachers have a degree in teaching English according to international standards: TESOL, CELTA or equivalent with TEFL.

Teaching staff

BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD currently gathers an experienced and enthusiastic teacher force in Vietnam with nearly 2,000 excellent and excellent teachers, of which 45% have master's and doctoral degrees. BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD applies professional and strict recruitment process. 100% BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD teachers must have an international standard English teaching qualification: TESOL, CELTA or equivalent to TEFL. Applicants must be qualified to pass multiple rounds of tests: interviewing, interviewing, teaching demo ... to be officially become an English teacher of VIETNAM BEST GLOBAL CO., LTD.